A Cinema And a Boy

The Jenin in the Palestinian West Bank was full of the wars and gunfire. Some extremists live here, so this place is the hothouse of terrorism. And it is the source of the human bombers, because almost half of the suicide bombers are come from here. So Jenin is famous for the cradle of suicide bomber.

On day in 2005, a Palestinian boy walked in the street with a gun. He did not know that in just the past minutes ago this street suffered from the riot. Someone threw the stones to the Israeli soldiers. When the jeep of Israeli soldiers driven forward, they saw the boy with a gun. After a serious shot, the boy lied down in the pool of the blood. After that the Israeli soldiers discovered that gun just a toy. The boy was sent to the hospital immediately, unluckily, the boy finally died after two days. But the attitude of the boy’s father made all the people surprised. He decided to donate the organs of his son to the people in Israeli. The heart, kidney, liver and two pulmonary were transplanted to the six Israeli people. The only requirement to the father was that he could see the people who accepted his son’s organs whether they were health or not. he said that” when I see them, I can feel that my son still alive.”

The Israeli Prime Minister was moved by the action of that father, so he invited the father to his office and accepted his apology. A film maker was moved about this story too, so he took this story to play a film. This film was published in the world and got many prizes. But for the father, there was still pity in his mind. He hoped that film could show in the local place what his son was shot. He wanted to tell the children: the life not just has the blood and confliction, but also has the forgiveness. The only cinema was closed in 1983; there was no cinema in the areas of Jenin anymore. So the father decided to establish a cinema. In order to achieve this goal, he tried his best to search help from the local people. At the end, the cinema had been built.

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