Americans in Iraq Played a Failure of The War

In the war in Iraq after 7 years of U.S. forces in Iraq, UGG Classic Argyle Knit half of the last batch of combat forces withdraw 18 to Kuwait. Combat troops from Iraq, the U.S. will also after the people went about 56000 Iraq, implementation of the related tasks. Thereafter, the Iraq strategy will turn from “wu”, “wen”, its mission in Iraq by diplomatic mission to combat missions. By 2010 (August 19, the war in Iraq, U.S. review) what is the winner or a loser, is undoubtedly the latter rather than the former. The Iraq war is a war of nameless start. To the other country, total war should have a legitimate reason. For example, a homeland security threats, encroached on its territory, damaged its interests, etc. Initially, the United States launched the war in Iraq is the only reason for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Since March 20, 2003 u.s.-led forces bombing and the invasion of Iraq, and in April 9 into Baghdad overturned saddam hussein, U.S. everywhere, but didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq on October 2 U.S. survey group report concluded that Iraq is not made weapons of mass destruction. Later, again say saddam hussein and al-qaeda, and by the cia report shall be denied. So, the United States launched the war in Iraq, except American don’t like anti-american saddam hussein and his flesh will be destroyed, playing a game 2 is no reason of war, a war is unjust. Such a war played seven years, and still explosion and hurried out ceaselessly, the U.S. is the return is helpless, also self-evident. To pay a huge price war in Iraq. On August 2, the relevant departments and the media announced the Iraq war cost data: 7073 close to $4413 toll, resulting in the U.S. hostility 31897 injury, resulting in the U.S. hostility 39944 injured, the U.S. government employees, who killed civilians killed 1487 reporter (including the other countries outside America) 142 people. These Numbers, not including the U.S. Allies in Iraq as digital battlefield casualties, also not include the troops in Afghanistan battlefield casualties of digital and wars. U.S. public opinion thinks generally, discount ugg boots the bush era is America’s biggest anti-terrorism policy mistakes, the Iraq war is a war that American financial and military and intelligence resources, has long been directly affect the local defense and terror and increasingly worse situation terror. Therefore, barack Obama, immediately after taking cash election promise, and puts forward a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq, quicken the pace, from Iraq from Iraq terror will be transferred to Afghanistan. Obviously, the war in Iraq continues to drag, only hostility is for a long time, U.S. cannot achieve final victory. Make the Iraqi people into the abyss of suffering. As the war in Iraq, petroleum exporting countries, is a very rich country. Despite the autocratic rule of saddam hussein, but most people’s lives or happiness. But a protracted war, Iraq. Iraq war about 102 million refugees, increased to about 155 million, About 50 million people emigrate before, now about 155 people. War, in addition to saddam hussein’s troops and militants in the U.S. military killed in battle against intruders, etc, are the terrorists to civilian bombings every day. According to the institute of higher international issues in Geneva on June 11, by 2010, the Iraq war in Iraq as far as the battle of deaths in Iraq about up 39000, According to wikipedia and some news, Iraqi civilians to disclose the number about 60 million deaths, A British company’s newest statistical results showed that the death toll reached 120 million. Bring a humanitarian catastrophe, apparently not U.S. war is the winner. The United States as the world’s only superpower today, economic and military strength in quite a long time, is any country cannot transcend, but the poor soldiers have never redeem wu victory on real significance, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and so. Today, the United States in China, building C form, frequently in the east China sea, pack up yellow, nanhai, trying to curb China’s war, but the rapid rise of China has not used today, America’s plot of China to nightfall black Therefore, we advise American policymakers in handling sino-u.s. Relations, or magnifying glass and wen “r, dou two hurt” warning.

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