Americans in Iraq Played a Failure of The War

In the war in Iraq after 7 years of U.S. forces in Iraq, UGG Classic Argyle Knit half of the last batch of combat forces withdraw 18 to Kuwait. Combat troops from Iraq, the U.S. will also after the people went about 56000 Iraq, implementation of the related tasks. Thereafter, the Iraq strategy will turn from “wu”, “wen”, its mission in Iraq by diplomatic mission to combat missions. By 2010 (August 19, the war in Iraq, U.S. review) what is the winner or a loser, is undoubtedly the latter rather than the former. The Iraq war is a war of nameless start. To the other country, total war should have a legitimate reason. For example, a homeland security threats, encroached on its territory, damaged its interests, etc. Initially, the United States launched the war in Iraq is the only reason for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Since March 20, 2003 u.s.-led forces bombing and the invasion of Iraq, and in April 9 into Baghdad overturned saddam hussein, U.S. everywhere, but didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq on October 2 U.S. survey group report concluded that Iraq is not made weapons of mass destruction. Later, again say saddam hussein and al-qaeda, and by the cia report shall be denied. So, the United States launched the war in Iraq, except American don’t like anti-american saddam hussein and his flesh will be destroyed, playing a game 2 is no reason of war, a war is unjust. Such a war played seven years, and still explosion and hurried out ceaselessly, the U.S. is the return is helpless, also self-evident. To pay a huge price war in Iraq. On August 2, the relevant departments and the media announced the Iraq war cost data: 7073 close to $4413 toll, resulting in the U.S. hostility 31897 injury, resulting in the U.S. hostility 39944 injured, the U.S. government employees, who killed civilians killed 1487 reporter (including the other countries outside America) 142 people. These Numbers, not including the U.S. Allies in Iraq as digital battlefield casualties, also not include the troops in Afghanistan battlefield casualties of digital and wars. U.S. public opinion thinks generally, discount ugg boots the bush era is America’s biggest anti-terrorism policy mistakes, the Iraq war is a war that American financial and military and intelligence resources, has long been directly affect the local defense and terror and increasingly worse situation terror. Therefore, barack Obama, immediately after taking cash election promise, and puts forward a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq, quicken the pace, from Iraq from Iraq terror will be transferred to Afghanistan. Obviously, the war in Iraq continues to drag, only hostility is for a long time, U.S. cannot achieve final victory. Make the Iraqi people into the abyss of suffering. As the war in Iraq, petroleum exporting countries, is a very rich country. Despite the autocratic rule of saddam hussein, but most people’s lives or happiness. But a protracted war, Iraq. Iraq war about 102 million refugees, increased to about 155 million, About 50 million people emigrate before, now about 155 people. War, in addition to saddam hussein’s troops and militants in the U.S. military killed in battle against intruders, etc, are the terrorists to civilian bombings every day. According to the institute of higher international issues in Geneva on June 11, by 2010, the Iraq war in Iraq as far as the battle of deaths in Iraq about up 39000, According to wikipedia and some news, Iraqi civilians to disclose the number about 60 million deaths, A British company’s newest statistical results showed that the death toll reached 120 million. Bring a humanitarian catastrophe, apparently not U.S. war is the winner. The United States as the world’s only superpower today, economic and military strength in quite a long time, is any country cannot transcend, but the poor soldiers have never redeem wu victory on real significance, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and so. Today, the United States in China, building C form, frequently in the east China sea, pack up yellow, nanhai, trying to curb China’s war, but the rapid rise of China has not used today, America’s plot of China to nightfall black Therefore, we advise American policymakers in handling sino-u.s. Relations, or magnifying glass and wen “r, dou two hurt” warning.

Appreciate Our Troops on This Holiday Season

We are entering the holiday season in this country. This season is a very special time for Americans. Shopping has already started and the stores are playing their Christmas music to get us in the buying mood. “No greater gift can a man give than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends.” This gift was given to mankind in the form of the only begotton son of God coming down to earth and dying on the cross to pay the penalty for our being seperated from God and to make a way for us to be reconnected to him. Because of this gift we can enjoy the benefit of eternal life, or an eternal connection with God. Now there are others who have given all. Their deaths do not spiritually reconnect us but we do owe them a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices that they have made for us. Some gave all but all gave some. The first thing that we need to remember and celebrate this holiday season is the price that Jesus Christ paid for us on the cross. We also need to remember that we have the freedom to enjoy our gifts, and freedom here in the natural realm largely because of the sacrifices that our fighting men and women have made for us.

Remember that when you are sitting in front of your fireplace warming your feet and eating a turkey sandwich that there are troops right now sitting out in sub zero weather somewhere in Korea or the Middle East observing the area for enemy intruders and any other strange activity. There are troops sitting in foxholes manning machine guns who can’t turn on a light or light a fire because the light would give their position away. There are troops going through rehearsals to thwart the attack which intelligence has predicted will come in a certain way. They will rehearse every possible way that they can anticipate the attack will come. They will go through they motions time and time again. Some of our troops will get to eat turkey dinners over the holidays but some of them will eat MRE’s as usual and many of them won’t get any food at all on Thanksgiving or Christmas. They may get something when they get back to the base camp but it won’t be anything like what you will be eating at home. You had better believe that. Our troops in Korea are probably on full alert right now because of the high tensions in the area. The war might come at any time they don’t know but they must remain vigilant. They won’t be caught off guard but they will look past this holiday season and hope that they will be home with their loved ones the next season.

They don’t like the fact that they are where they are but they will do their jobs to the best of their abilities and hope for better times. War doesn’t stop just because the weather is freezing cold or wet and muddy. You just deal with the wet cold weather and drive on. Our troops who are stationed in non Christian countries can’t freely practice their religious beliefs because the host nations may be offended. They will be punished by the military if they do because the US esteems politics more important that serving God. Many of our troops will miss many holiday seasons with their families because of deployments but they won’t hesitate to do what they have to do. So when you are enjoying this holiday season you need to thank our military for the sacrifices that they have made for you. Riceland Enterprises

The Advantages Of A 'green' Business

Over the last few years, there has been much publicity on ‘going green’, and making our homes or businesses more environmentally friendly. Many people are changing to “green” business technologies for different reasons. There are several different studies, such as the study published by the Retail Systems Research, sponsored by Intel, which cited different advantages of green businessES.

The study said that those companies or retailers who have outperformed their competition are building or practicing environment-friendly strategies. Aside from that, operation costs were also reduced. Although, it may appear that going ‘green’ could actually increase expenditure, since ‘green’ products tend to be more expensive, businesses and homeowners would eventually feel that they are saving more money in the long run.

Let us take the example of a delivery company. They have started using digital record keeping and communication through e-mail. Eventually, such practices paid off. Their 30,000 strong-company was able to save about 2 million pounds a year just by reducing paper transactions to two pages a day. Simple practices like these may not be appealing initially or may appear insufficient, but surprisingly, they eventually deliver results.

The conclusion is, going ‘green’ can help your business save more. Even Microsoft are saying that owners, businesses and residences could save 90 every year on electricity just by switching their computers into hibernate mode when not in use.

The government is also recognizing the efforts of the private sector in building a safer environment. There is a federal stimulus bill in 2009 which offers incentives and tax reductions to business who are practicing ‘green’ methods on reducing their energy consumption by as much as 50%. This stimulus bill is said to have about 50 billion in funds to promote cleaner energy.

Apart from that, there are consumers who stick to brands and companies that they know are taking the environment into consideration. Customers are starting to pay attention to the choices they are making. Which is why it would pay to advertise the company’s environmental stance. There are different organizations and PR companies that could help businesses let the world know how they are taking eco-friendly steps. They could help in sensitively promoting your business and instil social awareness and responsibility among audiences and consumers.

Consumers are starting to take an interest in ‘green’ products and companies since they show that they are safer to use and they are making a contribution to the environment. ‘Green’ businesses are not only getting more attention from possible customers but from possible investors, also, according to Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

What caused this shift? According to Forest Reinhardt, disasters from the past have contributed to social awareness, such as oil spills and gas leaks which killedmany people and at the same time created a geological hazard. Emerging global problems caused by a series of human activities and effects which are possibly irreversible are also contributing factors.

Following green business practices and strategies would benefit not only businesses, but the entire population. Business owners and managers are part of a community which would benefit by making ‘green’ and smart choices.

The 5 Million Pesos Reward Money For Palparan Capture

The Philippine government had recently put up a P500,000 Philippine Pesos reward money for the capture of retired Major General Jovito Palparan Jr. for the crimes of kidnapping and illegal detention.

According to Philippines current events, Palparan is the target of an arrest warrant issued by the Bulacan Regional Trial Court for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of two University of the Philippines student activists in 2006.

Although there were talks of surrender, between Palparan’s emissaries and the government, the possibility of surrendering is growing thinner as weeks go by. “We presume surrender feelers are off,” Robredo said when asked what prompted the raising of the bounty.

Questioned if this meant the Palparan camp had indicated he would no longer give up, Robredo said: “Not really. But after a week, unless he communicates with the government again, we presume he is not surrendering anymore.”

Still in the Country

At the time of Palparan’s hiding, many have feared that he had already left the country before releasing his hold departure order. The migrant rights group Migrante urged the administration to launch an international manhunt for him.

However, Philippine National Police Director General Nicanor Bartolome told reporters the information the PNP had gathered showed that Palparan was still in the country.

Though the PNP General would not divulge the information whether Palparan was in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao, he did say that “the important thing is that he [Palparan] has not left the country.” Asked if Palparan’s arrest was imminent, Bartolome replied: “Hopefully.”

PNP Generatl Bartolome had also said that the PNP was treating each piece of information carefully and that the reward money should encourage people to help flush him out.

Assuring Palparan’s Safety

According to Current Events in Philippines, one possible reason why Palparan had not yet surrendered was with his fear for his life. Bartolome said the Palparan camp had sought the PNP’s assurance he would be in safe hands if he is taken into custody. Emissaries for Palparan wanted an assurance his security would not be compromised, Bartolome said. “We assure them that he will be properly secured,” he said.

He said Palparan, who had gone into hiding since the court ordered his arrest in connection with the disappearance of activists Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan, had no reason to fear for his life if he was taken into PNP custody.

Bartolome also confirmed of receiving feelers from Palparan’s camp about his possible surrender.

“Yes, we have also received surrender feelers. We are talking to some people,” Bartolome said. “We will always give this consideration, all this information we are getting from the community and from those who would like to negotiate.” For more information visit to our site at