More Troops in Afghanistan or Not?

Several years has passes since the breaking out the US-Afghanistan war. It is such a deep impression that the US declared war against this turbulent nation, which is believed to be the source and base of terrorist attacks. During the time spent postwar, a large number of soldiers have been claimed their lives accompanied with their conquers.

We can recall the days when the war broke out, which was opposed by millions of peace-lovers. They showed their stalwart dislike and hatred of war by wearing anti-war T-shirts and silicone wristbands onto the streets, on a long parade. Words such as “PEACE, NO WAR” were printed on the rubber bracelets. And many T-shirts are dyed scarlet to show the ferocity and bloodiness of regional warfare. Many news reporters even put on these words on their lanyards to attend different news conference

In this sense, we had to admit that controversial issues have been arising continually that weather there is need to send more troops over this region. For on the one hand, we have been devoting so much time, energy, wealth and even lives for the so-called peace-friendly combat all over the world, on the other hand, it becomes doubtful if we should so selfless at the cost of so many lives of the innocent citizens of our great land.

More recently, the top envoy for Afghanistan from the United Nations, Kai Eide, showed his agreement that more troops should be sent in that country, thus showing consent to top U.S. and NATO commander.

In responding this call, president Obama showed his concern. He hoped that more effective work can be directed to the destroying of the network of the terrorist base. The policy that security should be strengthened at the cost of sacrificing our own peaceful arouses heated discussion one time more in the U.S. and NATO ally.

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