Pakistan And America at Crossroads

Pakistan and America have been having multi-dimensional strategic relations since 60 years. Presently Pakistan showed up in America’s war against terrorism but is accused of playing a double game. Almost 35000 Pakistani innocent people laid their lives in this war and it infected the country’s economy deep into the roots by halting numerous business activities and investment opportunities.

After the Raymond Davis issue both the countries are in hot atmosphere ever. Pakistan is in deep trouble as it has to equate internal pressure as well as external pressure which drag it always to either side. The reason is that there is an ideological difference in the nation as few elites like America and war on terrorism whereas masses are anti-American and hold a favorable view of Osama. So in this prevailing atmosphere, Pakistani Govt. finds great difficulty to manage the conflict between revolutionary waves of Americanism and anti-Americanism in the country. Sometimes the internal pressure for Pakistani government surges too high to meet American demands which is taken as insincerity. On the other hand America is having its Ghazi base in Pakistan near Tarbela Dam and attacking the Balochi people through unmanned drones justifying these attacks as high value targets which is unacceptable to the nation and is taken as an attack on national sovereignty of Pakistan.

Now when America attacked Osama’s den in Abottabad without sharing information with Pakistan, the ties went more fragile as the whole world media is interpreting the scene as inefficiency of Pakistani security agencies and that it’s a safe heaven for terrorists. America is of the view that Pakistan has been playing double game since the beginning of war and that if Pakistan were sincere, this war could have been finished a long time ago. So they diplomatically answer this Pakistani question of trust deficit as the operational security instead of distrust which implies that there is a sort of extradition agreement between the two countries. Both the nations and officials are on hot bed at the moment and America is considered as quite ambitious to access the strategic nuclear assets of the country which has been answered by Senator John Kerry in a polite “No apprehension for nuclear plant” . There is also a view of Black water conspiracy theory in the Pakistani nation that CIA is involved in terrorism existence and promotion both physically and virtually.

At the end ties between both the countries are soured these days and American officials are frequently visiting the country to review and consolidate their terms with Pakistan. Nevertheless America added fuel to fire as now it is looking forward to some political settlements with Afghan Taliban thinking staying close with the bad guys will help to catch bad guys .This will go again in the disfavor of Pakistan as the war will go inconsequential after a long struggle accompanied with plenty of sacrifices. It will lead to further anti-American sentiments in the nation and defame of the ruling party.

It seems from the several incidents that two countries are having cold war because both are good opportunists whenever time comes. Now America wants to know if Pakistan is still committed to continue war against terrorism or not. This is actually an indirect question to know Pakistan’s response towards the American calls after all the wounds. Pakistan should answer in affirmation as it is the need of the hour. Pakistan is facing a total crisis situation due to inefficient and insensitive government and without support of a super power getting out of it will become inevitable. On the other side Americans must not disregard all the efforts and sacrifices Pakistan has made to prove its commitments and dedication towards the mutual goal of terrorism elimination. The CIA officials and their offices in the country without proper visas, drone attacks and the not shared attack of Navy SEAL are the manifestations of honoring commitments.

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