Rahul Gandhis Visit Instill Confidence in Traumatized Families in Forebesganj

Bihar state government as well other national political parties choose to look to the other side when gruesome brutalities were committed by the police on innocent villagers in Bhajanpur in Araria district in Bihar on June 3. No other political leader worth the name had cared to visit the traumatized victims who were feeling hapless and insecure.

It was only Congress Party which immediately responded to provide succor to the terrified villagers. National Human Rights Commission was approached by Bihar state Congress unit along with some of the families of the victims and requested for investigation into police firing which killed four people including a six month old child and a pregnant women besides serious injuries to around thirty persons.

The villagers were protesting against the closure of the approach road to their village due to the construction of a starch factory. That road being the only one which connected the village to the market, Idgah, hospital and Karbala it was a normal protest by the villagers which did not warrant resorting to police firing.

Showing concern for the victims, who happened to be very poor, the Congress President sent a team of party leaders to console and offer relief amount among the victims. The party gave Rs 1 lakh each to the family of the deceased and Rs 25000 each to the injured. The Congress Party has been demanding CBI probe into the firing.

To instill confidence and feeling of security among the victims the Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi personally visited the affected area and reached out to villagers who were till then scared and were being terrified by the local police.

The Congress leader went from house to house and consoled the aggrieved families for loss of their near and dear ones besides serious injuries to many others. He told the families that he would get them justice and assured them he would fight for their rights.

It is rumored that in the upcoming factory Saurabh Agarwal is the Director who is son of BJP MLC Ashok Agarwal. On May 29, 2011 Sushil Modi, Deputy CM and BJP, MLA had come to Forbesganj and had pressurized the administration to take immediate action for raising boundary wall across the village road.

The villagers stated that dispute could have been resolved through dialogue and the tragedy could have been averted if the police wanted. But sadly the police was bent to help the factory which belonged to son of a state BJP leader.

The villagers while narrating the events to the Congress leader said Police did not open fire to disperse the crowd but the victims were intentionally shot. If the police wanted the mob to disperse, they would have taken aim below knee. Everybody was shot point blank in the head or chest. They added that the police chased them to village, entered their homes and killed people including women and infants.

Some villagers in dismay said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has shown his good governance by slaughtering 4 Muslims in Forebesganj. The state government’s silence on this urgent issue indicates the seriousness of the matter and involvement of its officers at higher levels.

There was an urgent need to instill a sense of security among the villagers who are predominantly muslim minority. Rahul Gandhi’s personal visit has filled up this void which would surely encourage the traumatized families to resume their daily routine life once again.

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